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Prohibited Products List

In order to ensure high quality on, the following offers and
articles will not be published. The list is not complete.

Archaeological heritage

Trade in archaeological cultural assets is not permitted without official approval from the responsible state (so-called proof of legality). The official proof must be shown in the advertisement and be legible. Receipts, invoices or customs documents do not count as proof.


  • Coins, weapons, tools, ceramics (vases etc.), jewellery, sculptures, writings
  • Holy items such as relics
Data and media

The offering of data (e.g. films, software, books, music, etc.) is prohibited if the data offered is not contained on the original data medium. Advertisements for the sale of blank media (e.g. CD, DVD, MP3, hard drive, mobile phone, etc.) are only permitted if the blank fee owed has been paid.

Examples of eligible articles :

  • Blank (blank) CD
  • Disk empty
  • Original DVD

Examples of prohibited items:

  • Photocopies of books
  • Copies of films on DVD
  • DviX
  • Services that violate Swiss law
  • Personal Ads
  • Escort services, prostitution
  • Erotic massages
  • Loans & Looking for investors
  • Search for donations
  • Esoteric services, healers, seers
  • All TV and streaming subscriptions (e.g. upc, Netflix, Sky etc.)
Forgeries, pirated copies and imitations

Imitations and pirated copies of any kind are not permitted on

  • Jewellery
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Furniture
  • Software
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Toys

Item "styled by [brand]" and "looks a lot like [brand]!" (or similar names).

Decryption and decryption devices (software and hardware)

Offers of decoding and decryption hardware and software intended to infringe the rights of copyrighted works are not allowed.


  • Dreambox
  • Ace Cards
  • Software to copy copy-protected CDs or DVDs
  • SIM lock unlock software
  • R4 cards for Nintendo DS/DSI
  • M3 cards
  • Hacking of software and hardware
Diplomas and official documents

Offering state-recognized diplomas, official documents or activities reserved for the state is not permitted.


  • Fake official diplomas (Engineer HTL, Bachelor, Master…)
  • Sale of Swiss identity cards and passports
  • Register statements
Drugs and mind-altering substances

Articles that violate Swiss laws such as the Narcotics Act or are part of the value-added process for narcotics or show a similarity that is not recognizable to laypersons are not permitted on

  • CBD hemp products
  • Heroin, cocaine, LSD, Ecstasy (MDMA), magic mushrooms, psychoactive cacti, etc.
  • Cannabis products: hemp plants (dried, cuttings), edibles, etc.
  • Seeds (hemp seeds, opium poppies)
  • Drug use paraphernalia
Drugs and medical devices

The offering of medicines and medical devices within the meaning of the Therapeutic Products Act on is prohibited.


  • Medications, prescription and over-the-counter medicines
  • Slimming products
  • Squirt
  • Products / product descriptions with promises of healing
Motorway vignettes

Offering expired or used motorway vignettes is not permitted.


Offering food is not permitted if it violates the relevant legal provisions, namely the Swiss Food Act.

Tickets, entrance and discount tickets and vouchers

No tickets may be offered on which the beneficiary is named and a transfer is contractually prohibited. These include, but are not limited to, the following articles:

  • Lunch checks, SBB RailAway tickets and WIR
  • Migros Cumulus vouchers and product vouchers, Migros vouchers in general
  • Personal, non-transferable concert tickets
  • Personal, non-transferable tickets to UEFA, FIFA and other sporting events

It is forbidden to offer live animals of any breed and breed (including puppies, kittens, etc.) in offers on

Parts, organs and excrement of the human body

It is forbidden to sell human bodies, body parts, organs, bones and human remains on

  • Human skulls and skeletons
  • Organs (including prepared organs for medical use)
  • Blood and any form of feces (ova, semen, saliva, urine, etc.)
Pornography, sexual and violent content

It is forbidden to offer articles on that have sexual or violent content or are restricted to a corresponding purpose. This includes pornography of any kind, offers with sexual, obscene or violent content or references, prohibited depictions of violence and general offers with content harmful to young people.

  • Pornographic material
  • Pictures of private parts or bare female breasts
  • Love Dolls
  • Vibrators, dildos, love balls and similar sex toys
  • Underwear worn and/or unwashed
  • Tantra courses and books
Intangible goods
  • Companies and their shares
  • letterbox companies
  • residential addresses
  • Patents
  • Securities
  • REKA exams
  • Certificates of Loss
  • Digital currencies (e.g. bitcoin, ether, etc.)
  • NFTs without an associated physical object
  • Valid banknotes
Weapons and ammo

Advertising of devices and weapons (and their components) intended to injure people and the ammunition for such devices is prohibited. Weapons include all firearms, cutting and thrusting weapons, and imitation weapons. reserves the right at any time to delete weapon offers outside the provisions of the Weapons Act.

Examples of prohibited items:

  • Air guns, rifles, pistols, revolvers, etc.
  • Banging weapons, gas and signal weapons, airsoft guns, etc.
  • Weapon components: magazines, barrels, silencers, bolts, blades, ammo, etc.
  • Changeable knives, folding knives, butterfly knives, etc.
  • Knuckles, throwing sticks, throwing stars and slingshots, etc.
  • Taser, stun gun
  • Lasers with a power greater than 5 mW
  • Items that are not immediately recognizable as weapons (lighters, etc.)

Exceptions to Allowed Articles:

  • Kitchen, household, fishing, hunting and pocket knives
  • Antiques
Hazardous products

It is strictly forbidden to sell dangerous products. Dangerous products are products that could harm human or animal health or the environment.


  • Radioactive material (plutonium)
  • Cracker
  • Dynamite and other explosives
  • Pepper spray and other self defense sprays
  • Cracker
Racism, religious and political extremism

Totalitarian, racist and extremist requests, offers and messages for propaganda purposes are not permitted.


  • Propaganda material such as posters, flags, badges and media with totalitarian, racist or extremist symbols or content.
  • Products such as clothing, everyday objects and media with symbols or content from the environment of the right-wing extremist or left-wing extremist scene.

We reserve the right to remove any ads that violate these terms without explanation and to suspend the corresponding user accounts.

Real estate, land and the limited rights in rem

Real estate, land and rights similar to land may not be offered. Due to legal regulations, no legally valid purchase contract for real estate, land, easements (e.g. building rights), liens and similar rights can be concluded via the online platform.